Trendy Smart Watches You Should Buy

Nowadays, gadgets are being improved to have more than just their usual and ordinary functions. For example, a watch doesn’t only show us what time it is, but can also measure our heart rate. Here you have a list of gadgets you must keep in mind while buying new smart accessories.

1) Samsung – Gear 2 Smart Watch


Samsung presents an interesting watch, which not only looks trendy but also has multiple functions and abilities. The watch comes in different colours such as silver, black, orange, gold and brown.
What can it do: this watch measures your heart rate, displays the current date and time, lets you know how many calories have you have burnt, the distance you traveled the speed and number of steps taken.
Price: This type of gadget comes at the price of $299,99.

2) Martian Watches – Notifier Smart Watch


The Martian Watches are compatible with some Android and Apple IOS cell phones. The image is displayed clearly, having a 96 x 16 pixels of resolution.
What can it do: Leaving aside the fact that this watch displays the current time, it also lets you view your notifications such as posts on social media, SMS and e-mails.
If not all notifications are important for you, this gadget gives you the possibility to set only the alerts that you need, based on your own preferences. The customized vibration patterns let you know what kind of info you are receiving without looking at the alert.
Tip : tap the watch to dismiss alerts or review it later on.


More colour possibilities: either you choose a classic black, an elegant white or a passionate red, you will look fashionable wearing these Martian Watches.
Price: This watch can be yours for $99.99 (its regular price is estimated at $129.99).

3) Pebble – Smart Watch


The Pebble Smart Watch for select Android Devices and IOS comes in different colours such as white, black, silver and red.
What can it do: Light or night vision can be adjusted on this device, both options offering a clear display of text. This smart watch is compatible with a wide variety of applications and multiple games of all kinds. Once you buy this type of gadget, you can buy apps or download them for free from Pebble’s application store.
The gadget also has a water-resistant structure.
Pebble Smart Watches allow you to receive notifications, messages, display the time and date. The device comes together with a magnetic USB connector, which lets you recharge the watch with your computer USB port. Also, you can choose the vibration patterns (even select a different one for type for every single type of alert).
Price: $99,99.

4) LG – G Watch


The LG G Smart Watch is compatible with a very wide variety of Android devices.
What can it do: The device can perform tasks which you can vocally activate. The smart watch offers you information about the daily weather forecasts, date and time and even tracks the plane arrivals or departures while you are at the airport. The device also comes together with a 4 GB internal memory. In this way, you can install as many applications as you want without being afraid you will not have enough free space on the internal memory.
Price : The price of this device is estimates at $211.99.

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