The New Star Wars Trailer 2015

In 2012, Disney bought Lucasfilm Ltd. from its owner and, in the same time, the creator of the Star Wars series, George Lucas, for an amount of $4.5 billion. Disney announced filming a sequel trilogy for the Star Wars series. The producers declared to involve George Lucas and his creativity in the making of the new sequel trilogy.

The “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens” is the first of the 3 films which will be released. The Star Wars fans have high expectations of J.J Abrams, who is the proud director of “The Force Awakens” and also a co-writer of this project. At first, J.J. Abrams refused to direct the film, but afterwards the experienced director accepted the job. John Williams is responsible for the movie’s soundtrack while the main actors who will star in the new film are John Boyega and Daisy Ridley, along Adam Driver, Anthony Daniels, Oscar Isaac, Kenny Baker and Peter Mayhew.
“The Force Awakens” is produced by Kathleen Kennedy and Bad Robot Productions. The budget of this movie is approximated at $200 million.
The film’s trailer has been highly appreciated by the fans worldwide, which are now even more eager to watch the full movie as soon as possible. Even so, the fans will have to wait until the film will be released on the 18th of December, 2015.
The movie’s trailer firstly presents the actor John Boyega, while being in a dessert. Judging on the look on his face, he is scared, very surprised and seems to be lost. He is wearing a storm trooper’s outfit.


Rumors say that John Boyega will be the main actor of the film, along with Daisy Ridley.

Afterwards, an interesting and cute little robot, which looks friendly, appears to be going somewhere in a big hurry.

Then, some storm troopers are travelling to their destination. All of them are being equipped with weapons. Some rumors assume that this scene is the one in which the storm troopers prepare to assault and burn down a village.
Afterwards, the supposed main actress, Daisy Ridley, makes her appearance. She is also found in a desert and goes to her own destination while riding this complex machine.

Next, another character shows up. He is dressed in a black and long coat and finds himself in a forest. The wind is heavily blowing and the atmosphere is cold and freezing. The mysterious character has a red lightsaber as a weapon and seems to be prepared to attack and defend himself.
The narrator’s voice presents the mysterious character as being part of “the dark side”.
Shortly after this, the narrator presents the “light” in the form of a Millenium Falcon, with a rectangular form which appears to fly and is trying to avoid being damaged by enemy planes.

The producers announce that the film will bring lots of surprises to the fans and promise that they will be thrilled and satisfied with the results.

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