How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver

High quality products offer great results in every domain. Companies which produce electric shavers (either they are foil or electric shavers) continue to improve their abilities and performances in order to reach every client’s expectations by adding more features to the gadgets and creating a better and more appealing design.
Brands which produce the best electric shavers up until today are the following: Panasonic, Philips, Braun and Remington.
The Panasonic electric shavers surprise and delight every customer with their high performances and stunning results. The electric shavers are powerful, fast and delicate in the same time.


The Panasonic Arc 5 ESLV81-K or Panasonic ES-LV61-A electric shaver is the best shaver ever produced by the company. The shaver features 5 blades which can easily remove the unwanted hair in flat areas without producing irritation or pain. The best electric shaver has to run up to 10,000 revolutions per minute or even more for the best results. The cutting performance of the Panasonic Arc 5 is amazing, the motor speed reaching 14,000 cycles per minute.
The Philips electric shavers offer a comfortable shaving experience for every customer who decides to purchase them.


The Philips Norelco Senso Touch 3D/1250x shaver is one of the best rotary shavers ever produced. The shaver is composed of 3 circular cutting heads, which are very flexible and permit removing any type of hair (either long or short).
The shaver can easily remove the unwanted hair even in problematic areas such as the jaw line or neck because of its accessible design.
The Philips electric shaver is a quiet shaver, not producing big amounts of noise like other gadgets of its kind. Cleaning the electric shaver manually is not a difficult task because the head is detachable.


The Braun Series 7 790cc electric shavers have received positive feedback because of the results they bring, pleasing their customers worldwide.

This system offers a great close shave because the product features Opti Foil, which permits the removal of deeper hair in less time, without too much effort, while the Active Lift middle trimmer is responsible for cutting the flat hair.


The Braun Series 7 electric shaver can easily be cleaned because it is fully waterproof.
The Remington XR1370 Hyper Series has an appealing design and it is a rotary electric shaver which presents a series of advantages.

This type of electric shaver was build in order to adapt to any type of skin and is capable of removing even the toughest unwanted hair. Its construction permits hair removal in the most difficult areas in a comfortable and fast way.

Before purchasing any type of electric shavers from the presented companies, a client must read the reviews other customers wrote. Since people have different skin and hair types, the additional information a customer can get from reading reviews is definitely an advantage. In this way, a client will be certain of the product’s performances and will find the best electric shaver on the market.

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