How to Choose the Best Baby Monitor

If you’ve started shopping around for a baby monitor, you may have realized that there are dozens of different kinds to choose from. Baby monitor prices can also vary, from $30 to $300. While great price may be a factor, you don’t want to compromise your child’s safety because you wanted to save money. With a few considerations, you’ll soon be on your way to learning how to choose the best baby monitor.

Baby Monitors

  1. What kind of baby monitor do you need? There are two main types of monitors: audio only, and audio and video. Do you want to listen to see if your baby is doing fine in the other room, or do you want to see them as well? Video baby monitors let you see your child, like you’re really in the room with them. They’ll also alert you if they start to move around in bed, but they do cost more than plain audio baby monitors.
  2. Do you want to view your child from a distant location? While someone’s at home caring for baby, do you want to have the ability of a nanny cam? A nanny cam will allow you to check and see how they’re doing right from your smart phone, saving you a phone call.
  3. Do you want to store video? There are numerous reasons why storing video may be important. For example, if you don’t immediately have time to check the footage, but you want to ensure that your sitter is providing the best care. Or, perhaps you saw your baby do something adorable on screen. It would be great to grab that footage and post to the net. Many baby monitors store footage in the cloud. Often, there is a limited time frame, then after that you must pay for a monthly subscription.
  4. How important is sound and video quality? Many people are happy with a baby monitor that will get the job done. Others want crystal-clear sound and high resolution video. The higher the quality, the higher the price. The size of the monitoring screen can also affect the price. If you want something larger, it’ll cost more. But consider that a larger screen means that the monitoring unit may be heavier to carry around the house.
  5. How many years will you be using it? If you plan on having large family, it may be worthwhile to invest in a better model, so you can add additional cameras to the monitoring unit. You’ll also want top quality, so that it lasts through all of your children’s early years.
  6. Is durability a factor? Sometimes small children will grab at things, and they’ll fall to the floor. Do you need an extra-sturdy monitoring unit in case it gets dropped? The best monitors will be encased in strong, sturdy plastic. Do you want to buy a baby monitor that comes with two monitoring units, in case something happens to the first one?

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